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  • Do you like upgrading your life?
  • Do you like Male Fashion/Beauty Trends?
  • Do you love clever hacks to make your life easier?

Then it's your lucky day cause those are just a few of my favorite topics, when it comes to lifestyle design.  Tutorials, Graphics, Images, and Video all happen to be hobbies of mine. is where I share all of my internet gems.

You in the mood for some World Wide Web Treasure?


What my friends are saying

Justen is a larger than life creative force operating from a space of his expansive heart.
his style be slaying bitches on the runway hunnay
— JonFab

I was around before and Ill be after the internet.

Grew up in a small town in America's Midwest called Oswego, Illinois.  Studied Fashion Marketing & Management in college at the Illinois Institute of Art- Chicago which triggered a creative expansion of my heart and love.

I'm not the best at everything(yet) but I can get you there!

Connecting and collaboration are second nature to me.