Years and Years VIP Concert Chicago W Hotel City Center Exclusive Photos

It's been over a decade since I've purchased a full album and listened to it on repeat.  Years and Years is one of my favorite groups.  When I found out they were coming to Chicago... I knew I had to see them.  By the time I coordinated with my bestie the tickets were all sold out.

I released attachment and a week or so later got invited to a private VIP event with none other than Years and Years!

Gotta love law of attraction! #manifestation #Ilovefreeandfreelovesme

Fast Forward to the day...In the lobby, I run into all these cuties, some I knew and some I met for the first time. Once they opened the doors to the reception room, we all rushed in, like the true fan girls that we are and scoped out the scene.

Boy was it a sight!

Cuties all around the room <3Plus vintage accents and a spacious room that was accommodating but still incredibly intimate. The W Chicago City Center is beautiful.

After a short announcement, the side doors open and we all are peaking around for a view...

the show has begun!

As you can probably tell, we were hella close.  Olly touched my hand much like the picture featured directly above this paragraph.  He touched me physically and spiritually that day.  Watching Olly be in the moment was... incredible.

They were so happy and upbeat and professional.  Really giving us a lot emotionally on stage.  We were eating it up like candy.

I do have video from this event but as I mentioned a previous post, I'm still working on my video editing skills atm.  Also, I was singing along in them...and not well. haha Not positive just yet that they will ever see the light of day but I think we can agree I got some great photos.

If you haven't heard them here is there latest track from the Bridget Jones's Baby Soundtrack!  I even featured it on my first mixtape!

Here is a sample of the album I love so.

 via  W Hotel World Wide's Tumblr  &nbsp;*Notice my hands with the stripes holding my phone taking video.&nbsp; In front of Olly..behind the girls!

via W Hotel World Wide's Tumblr
 *Notice my hands with the stripes holding my phone taking video.  In front of Olly..behind the girls!

After the show I caught up with Jess Loren, the Founder of Social Tech Pop and their thenMarketing Manager Emily Iammarino, to get the dish on what the boys are like off stage!  As fate would have it they started interviewing my bestie on his experience for their blog on Social Tech Pop!  Check it out, they had great access to the boys.

 Jess Loren, The Fashionistud - Jon Fab, Emily Iammarino

Jess Loren, The Fashionistud - Jon Fab, Emily Iammarino

I should have asked them how they got an exclusive with Years and Years but I was too hyped from holding Olly's hand for a split second ^ _ ^

Here's some footage from their Youtube!



If you are a fan of Years and Years, let me know where you are from in the comments!